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E x h i b i t o r s

Book your vendor space early, limited availability. Download the booth application. Electricity may be ordered with your booth, download the order form.

This summer, exhibitors will receive a service pack from the official convention decorator offering booth carpet, extra tables, and other items available for rent. Booth space move-in may begin as early as Fraday 10/30/2009 at 6:30 AM. Set up will continue on Friday until at least 9:00 PM. The showroom is open to exhibitors to shop on Friday and Saturday. The showroom Opens every morning at 6:30 AM. See show catalog for a complete list of showroom hours. Commercial vendors wether from California or from out-of-state are required to collect and report sales tax to the State of California. Please submit from BOE form 412 to certify you have a valid selller's permit.
For additional information on renting booth space, please email Katleen Utter.

Booth exhibitors are encouraged to do a tie-in promotion by advertising in the show catalog and results book. For rates, download the advertising form.

National Specilaty Club Exhibitors Commercial Exhibitors
Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association Purina
American Beveren Rabbit Club KW Cages
American Polish Rabbit Club The Hareraiser
Champagne D' Argent Rabbit Federation Donna Wahl
National Federation Of Flemish Giant King Feed
Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association Cage Tags Inc.
American Cavy Breeders Association Kammalop Specialties
American Dwarf Hotot Club Heinold Feed
National Silver Rabbit Club Bass Equipment
Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America ARBA Booth
American Harlequin Rabbit Club ARBA History Booth
Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America ARBA R&D Raffle Booth
American Brittania Petite Rabbit Society ARBA R&D Booth
Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club ARBA Registration Booth
American Standard Chinchilla RBA 2009 ARBA Convention Booth
American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders 2010 ARBA Convention Booth
American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association Seaside Hollands
National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club Barbi Brown's Bunnies
American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club Lagomorphs Unlimited
Californian Rabbit Spec Club Inc Critter-Cage.com
Lop Rabbit Club of America Pettals
American English Spot Rabbit Club S & J Creations
National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Sierra Valley Hay
National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club Shoe String Tee's
American Himalayan Rabbit Assoc. Bunnyrabbit.com
American Thrianta RBA Ryan's Gourd Barn
American Tan Rabbit Club Aiko Machida
American Dutch Rabbit Club Manna Pro Corportation
Havana Rabbit Breeders Association International Booth
American Sable Rabbit Society  
Golden State Cavy Breeders Association  
American Belgian Hare Club  
American Blue and White Rabbit Club  
National Rex Rabbit Club  
American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club  
Silver Marten Rabbit Club  
American Checkered Giant Rabbit Club  
American Chinchilla RBA  
North American Lionhead Rabbit Club  

This list was updated on 10/5/2009



Official Rabbit Feed Providers as of 10/10/2009

Purina Mills
Manna Pro
ADM Pen Pals
King Feed
Heinold Feeds

Official Coop Sizes

3 Hole Small
Length – 45"
Hole Size – 15"x14"
Door Size – 7-3/4"x7-3/4"
Britannia Petite, Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarf, Polish

4 (6-L) Hole Small Plus
Length – 69"
Hole Size – 14"x18"
Door Size – 9-1/2"x16"
Fuzzy Lop, Dutch. Florida White, Havana, Himalayan, Holland Lop, Jersey Wolly, Lilac, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Silver, Standard Chin, Tan, Thrianta

2 Hole Medium
Length – 45"
Hole Size – 21"x21"
Door Size – 9-3/4"x16"
American, American Chinchilla, American Sable, Belgian Hare, Beveren, Californian, Champagne, Cinnamon, Crème D’Argent, Harlequin, Hotot, Mini Satin, New Zealand, Palomino, Rex, Rhinelander, Satin, Silver Fox, Silver Marten, Meatpen, Stewers, Roasters

2 Hole Large
Length – 54"
Hole Size – 22"x25"
Door Size – 11-3/4"x14-1/ 4"
English Angora, English Lop, English Spot, Flemish Giant, French Angora, French Lop, Giant Angora, Giant Chin, Satin Angora

2 Hole X-Large
Length – 45"
Hole Size – 21"x30"
Door Size – 11-3/4"x12-1/ 2"
Checkered Giant


Disclaimer: The coop sizes are based on the most reliable inofrmation but are subjetc to error or change. If you make special risers for your coops, you do so at your own risk. Vendors will have risers avaliable at the show.