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86th ARBA Convention and Show.
An event not to miss!


The California Rabbit and Cavy Shows, Inc, (CRCS) a California 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to the education of the public in all phases of rabbit keeping and showmanship. CRCS promotes rabbit keeping as a wholesome family activity, a therapeutic, stress relieving hobby for busy individuals. In addition, CRCS programs encourage wholesome after-school activities for many underprivileged rural and inner city children as well as children with developmental disabilities. CRCS is proud to present the 86th annual American Rabbit Breeders Association Convention and Show. The show wil be held November 1st through 5th, 2009 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego County, California. The show will use all of the largest buildings on the fairgrounds and will see over 10,000 show quality rabbits and guinea pigs entered from all over the world.


The previous CRCS hosted show was in 2001 and was one of the finest shows ever produced with many "firsts" in the modern era of ARBA Conventions.The 2001 ARBA Convention was the first to have an interactive website, on-line entries, credit card entries, a Best in Show extravaganza, convention style name badges and lanyards, a "best of breed row," and a results book with individual placements. Many of these breakthroughs were continued by subsequent convention hosts.

The 2009 show promises even more enhancements and revisions to the ARBA Convention format. New this year will be a Conference Track with many of the top name educators in the rabbit and cavy show world giving informative seminars on current topics.


Also, the Convention will offer a very special "Private Screening" of Rabbit Fever, the new Amy Do film that will leave you feeling great about the rabbit show hobby.


CRCS redsigned the Best in Show Ceremony in 2001 and the fancy never looked back. Come this year and see the event elevated to yet a new level.

The Fibber Cup


History of the Fibber Cup
The Fibber Cup is named for the winningest showman of all time, legendary Eabert. R. "Fibber" McGeehee of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Fibber has won the honor 4 times in his showing carreer. The Fibber Cup made its debut at the 2001 San Diego Convention. The perpetual trophy was the concept of Kevin Whaley and Randy Shumaker after noticing that the most prestigious win at the ARBA convention deserved an equally prestigious award. The hand-crafted silver-plated cup stands aproximately 32" tall. The cup itself is has a delicate pattern which was "chased" by hand. Chasing is a highly skilled method of decoration which has remained unchanged over the centuries and is now a very rare art form. It is mounted on a mahogany plinth which incorporates a silver plated plinthband which contains the name of every Best in Show winner in the modern history of the ARBA. The cup was made possible by a contributions from California Rabbit and Cavy Shows and Heinold Feeds of Kouts, IN.