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Rabbitcon'09 to be highlight of 86th ARBA Convention

Rabbitcon'09 is coming to the 86th ARBA Convention this year. Expected to enhance and expand the convention experience, Rabbitcon is a rabbit specialist conference on many cutting edge subjects of rabbit knowledge. The top speakers and authors from around the world will be presenting the latest classes and workshops in rabbit science, practical rabbit management, rabbit showing, rabbit housing, club management and much more.

Over twenty conference sessions are scheduled for Saturday October 31st and Sunday November 1st. Come and hear many of the top names in the rabbit world giving informative seminars on current topics including showing, nutrition, health care, housing and many more interesting topics.

Featured speaker, Dr. Peter R. Cheeke, Proffesor
Emeritus fromOSU is considered by many to be the
father of modern rabbit nutrition in the United States.

The Rabbitcon sessions will be held at the Hilton Hotel at the fairgrounds. Admission to the conference sessions will be available to attendees who upgrade to special conference badges. The badges will provide unlimited admission to any or all of the conference sessions scheduled over the weekend. Please watch this page for speaker bios, course descriptions, registration cost, schedule and other details. The conferences are held on the weekend prior to the show, October 31-November 1. Please review the convention catalog and plan out your week as there are many events and activities. It may not be possible to participate in every activity.

One badge, one price,
provides access to all conferences.

Advance purchase prices for all-access badges are $68 for ARBA Members and $38 for Youth ARBA members. $88 for non members.
After October 10th or at the door, the prices are higher.

Sorry, individual conference badges are not available.

Rabbitcon attendees receive special edition Convention Badges, a Rabbitcon tote bag, and access to all conferences at the Hilton headquarters. Conference sessions include morning and afternoon breaks with beverages and refreshments. Lunch is not included. Please note that IDs will be checked at the door.